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350vip3522vip:龙峰等:Rapid and sensitive point-of-need aflatoxin B1 testing in feedstuffs using a smartphone-powered mobile microfluidic lab-on-fiber device


Abstract: Rapid, high-frequency, and accurate identification of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) is crucial forensuring food safety and reducing population mortality. Herein, we constructed Smartphonepowered Mobile mIcrofluidic Lab-on-fiber dEvice (SMILE) comprising a compact opticalsystem, fiber nano-bioprobe-embedded microfluidic-chip system, mini-photodetector, andsoftware application to facilitate the rapid and sensitive point-of-need quantitative testing forAFB1. The elegant optical design of SMILE significantly improves light transmission efficiency,detection sensitivity, and portability by integrating a compacted all-fiber optical structure with afiber nano-bioprobe-embedded microfluidic chip. Furthermore, the nanopore layer of the fibernano-bioprobe improves detection sensitivity by increasing the biorecognition molecule numberand enhancing the interaction between the evanescent field and dye. Through an indirectcompetitive immunoassay mechanism, SMILE achieves sensitive quantitative detection of AFB1with a detection limit of 0.08 μg/L. Herein, SMILE was validated using several feedstuff samplestested with a simple aqueous extraction protocol, demonstrating good correlation with highperformanceliquid chromatography for AFB1-contaminated feedstuffs. The immunoassay processis completed within 12 min, boasting high sensitivity, specificity, reusability, and reproducibility.Owing to its sensitivity, portability, flexibility, plug-and-play, and smartphone integration, SMILEis highly scalable for rapid and high-frequency point-of-need testing for AFB1 and other tracecontaminants.

Keywords:Aflatoxin B1; Immunosensor; Smartphone; Evanescent wave fluorescence; Point-ofneedtesting

原文载于: Journal of Hazardous Materials 2023, (SCI, Q1, IF= 13.6).

原文链接:DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhazmat.2023.132406